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Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

58 Lessons
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Want to develop applications for iOS and Android, but don’t …

What you'll learn
Use the PhoneGap Desktop app to create new PhoneGap mobile apps
Use the PhoneGap Desktop app and PhoneGap Mobile app to test new apps
Create a new PhoneGap app template
Test a PhoneGap project in the browser
Include the jQuery library for UI
Create single and multipage user interfaces
Create collapsible content blocks to optimize mobile screen space
Use jQuery Mobile UI elements to create usable mobile apps
Use the Local Storage object for permanent on-device storage
Storing data in the on-device database
Retrieving data from the on-device database
Obtain the device's location using geolocation tools
Obtain location information with the Google Places API
Obtain location information and Maps from the Google Maps API
Play audio and video content on the device
Control media content using Javacript
Determine device position on X,Y and Z axis with the accelerometer
Use the accelerometer to move on-screen objects
Access device hardware including the camera
Obtain and save images with the camera
Detect gestures using the Hammer.js library
Integrate taps and press gestures in to your application
Integrate swipe and pan gestures in to your mobile app
Determine information about the device on which your app is running
Work with device orientation
Determine information about the network to which device is connected