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C++ For Beginners

47 Lessons

Have you always wanted to create console video games, but …

What you'll learn
Learn to Set up Your Development Environment
Learn to Execute C++ Code
Learn To Debug Your Code
Understand the Role of Variables
Be able to use Variable Data Types
Be Able to Output to the Standard Error Stream
Learn To Cast Data Types
Learn to Format Output
Learn to Take and Process Console Input
Understand and Use Source Comments
Be able to use Assignment Operators
Identify and Use Compound Operators
Use Comparators and Logical Operators
Understand and apply Operator Prescedence
Create Simple and Complex Conditionals with If
Use the Switch Statement
Use the Ternary Operator
Create While Loops and For Loops
Use Arrays
Access Array Members with Loops
Understand and use Multidimensional Arrays
Learn the Role of Pointers
Understand Binary Theory and it's Role in C++
Create and Use Truth Tables and Binary Operators
Work with Bitwise Operators
Encapsulate Code in Functions
Work with Header Files and Includes
Understand and Use Namespaces
Understand and use the STL String Library
Understand Object Oriented Programming
Create Classes and Objects in C++
Read Text Files to Permanent Storage
Store Text Files in Permanent Storage

Swift Fundamentals

30 Lessons
All Levels

Quickly master Swift 5, the language of iPhone and iPad …

What you'll learn
How to prepare your coding environment
How to write and execute your first Swift Program
How to use Variables in Swift
Creating and using Constants with the Let Command
Swift Arithmetic and Logical Operators
How to Create Strongly Typed Variables in Swift
Making decisions in Code with If Statements
How to Make Complex Decisions with Else
How to use the Swift/Case/Break Structures to asses Conditionals
Creating Repeatable bits of Code with Functions
How to get Functions to Take Parameters and Return Data
Creating Functions with Implicit Returns (Short cut)
Writing Functions with Default Parameter Values
How to Create a Basic Swift Class
How to Instantiate a Swift Class into an Object
How to use Inheritance with Swift Classes
Using Protocols to Create "Rules" for a Class
Creating Arrays to Store Lists of Data
Creating Dictionaries to work with Key/Value Pair Data
How to Use String Interpolation in Swift
Accessing and Modifying Strings

jQuery for Application Development

1 Lesson
All Levels

jQuery remains the most popular client-side development library on the …

What you'll learn
What is jQuery
How to Integrate the jQuery Libraries
jQuery Syntax
The document ready event
How to use basic selectors
How to use First, Last and (n)th Selectors
How to use PseudoSelectors
Fade Effect with jQuery
Showing and Hiding Elements with jQuery
Hiding Versus Removing jQuery Elements
Sliding jQuery Elements
Creating Animations with jQuery
Understanding jQuery Callback Functions
Manipulating HTML and CSS with jQuery
Adding and Removing Classes
Inserting and Appending Content
Changing the Height and Width of Elements
Positioning Elements with jQuery
Working with Element Content
Wrapping Elements
Setting CSS Rules of Elements
Working with Forms using jQuery
Blur and Focus Form Elements
The change() event
The select() event
The submit() event
Serializing Form Content
Working with Events in jQuery
click() and dblclick()
Mouse events
Browser events
Keyboard events and the event object
Communicating with an API using jQuery
Loading Local Data with jQuery
Loading Remote Data with jQuery
Adding JSON Data
Deleting JSON Data
jQuery UI: Accordians
jQuery UI: Tabs
jQuery UI: Dialog Boxes

Python Code Camp

8 Lessons
All Levels

Want a gentle, approachable introduction to programming that works even …

What you'll learn
Python Coding and Syntax
Creating Python Scripts
Executing Python Scripts on the Command Line
Using Variables in Python
Casting Variables in Python
Outputting Content to the Console
Making Decisions with Conditionals in Python
Iterating through Code with Loops
Using Arrays to hold List Values
Using Tuples to Create immutable Lists
Creating Python Classes
Consuming Python Classes
Saving Files to the Server or Drive
Retrieving Files from the Server or Drive
Using the CSV format for data

Java for Beginning Beginners

38 Lessons
All Levels

Learn Java even if you’ve never written a line of …

What you'll learn
Identify tools used for Java development
Code and execute Java command line programs
Understand the Java fundamental Java concepts like variables, conditionals, loops and arrays
Understand Classes and objects and apply them to Java Coding
Work with fundamental objects like ArrayLists to store complex data

JavaScript Specialist

15 Lessons
All Levels

Javascript has become the most import language you can learn. …

What you'll learn
JavaScript syntax, style, and usage with a focus on developing apps
Be Current with ES6 Syntax and Usage
Fundamental to Advanced JavaScript Concepts including Promises, Classes, and Arrow Functions
Integration of JavaScript with HTML5 Code for Web Applications

Java Script Specialist: JavaScript ES6 Certification Course

18 Lessons

Earn the JavaScript Specialist Certification while learning JavaScript Es6 …

What you'll learn
JavaScript syntax, style and usage with a focus on developing apps
Be Current with ES6 Syntax and Usage
Fundamental to Advanced JavaScript Concepts including Promises, Classes, and Arrow Functions
Integration of JavaScript with HTML5 Code for Web Applications

Introduction to Web Development

11 Lessons
All Levels

Are you interested in learning Web Development? Enroll today! …

What you'll learn
Understand the technologies used in web development
Identify the tools used by web developers
Apply HTML document structure
Write HTML allowing you to display a simple web page
Add images to a web page
Understand the role of CSS in web development
Understand the HTML/CSS color model
Apply colors to web page elements
Alter CSS text properties
Understand and apply the basics of the CSS box model
Know the role of JavaScript programming in web development
Integrate pre-written JavaScript code
Create a basic JavaScript program to collect data
Use JavaScript to adjust the appearance of page elements
Understand the next steps to learning professional web development skills