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Wix Web Development

7 Lessons
All Levels

So you want to create a website? But, you can’t …

What you'll learn
How to create a Wix website from a template
How to add, remove and change pages in a layout
How to select and change themes applied to a site
Identify and edit page sections including header, page content and footer
Understand the Website Editor
Incorporate Media into a Wix Website
How to upload and include media files
How to rearrange sections in the Wix ADI
Understand the website editor's layers management options
Use the mobile view to see the mobile version of your site
How to change sections in the mobile view
How to use the mobile tools in the website editor
Learn how to purchase a domain name through Wix
Understand the upgrade plans available through Wix
How to publish your site on the web.

Node.JS Developing Web Applications

75 Lessons

So, you want to learn Node.js. Perhaps you’re a client …

What you'll learn
You will be able to install NodeJS with nvm
You will understanding blocking and nonblocking i/o
You will understand how to implement NodeJS Modules
You will understand how to split NodeJS programs into multiple files
You will be able to read and write from the file system
You will be able to understand both synchronous and asynchronous events
You will be able to implement the NodeJS event emitter
You will be able to implement NodeJS buffers and streams
You will understand the fundamentals of network interfaces using the NodeJS net and http modules
You will be able to parse command line arguments
You will learn how to spawn child processes in NodeJS
You will be able to write and use tests for your NodeJS program
You will learn about the NodeJS cryptography API
You will be able to encrypt, decrypt and create hashes from data
You will learn how to store data on the server using LevelDB and NodeJS

Responsive Design for Web

12 Lessons
All Levels

You’ve created a beautiful website design! Congratulations. The colors are …

What you'll learn
Identify the four elements of responsive Design
Understand how and why to design with fluid content grids
Understand and use a mobile-first design approach
Understand how content scale impacts responsive design
Execute cross-device preview and testing to ensure designs work on different sized screens
Utilize the meta tags required in code for responsive design
Work with the tag to create responsive images
Create media queries that alter designs for multiple size screens

PHP Fundamentals

11 Lessons
All Levels

My name is Julio Quevedo, and I am the author …

What you'll learn
Server-Side Development with PHP
PHP Syntax and Command Structure
Major PHP Commands and Methods
Back End Processing with PHP
Form Processing with PHP

CSS Specialist

10 Lessons
All Levels

CSS is the key to good looking and functional web …

What you'll learn
Students will learn proper CSS syntax and selectors
You will learn to make typographical adjustments with CSS
You will learn contemporary page layout techniques with CSS

Introduction to Programming

172 Lessons
2 hours

Have you ever said to yourself:  “I’d like to learn …

What you'll learn
What HTML5 is and Entails
How to Display HTML5 Code in a Browser
The Tool to Use for Coding
How HTML5 Documents are Structured
Displaying Paragraph Text with HTMl5
Displaying Heading Text with HTML5
Displaying Lists
What CSS is and How it Should be Used
How to Apply CSS Styles
Selecting Font and Adjusting Font Size
How to Style Lists with CSS
How to Use Classes and IDs
Creating Internal and External Hyperlinks
Displaying Images on a Page
Playing Audio on a Page
Playing Video on a Page
How to Assemble and Code an MP3 Player
Understand Basic Table Structure
Understand Complex Table Structures
Design a Table with CSs
Obtain User Input
Create Online Forms
Accept Information in the Form of Numbers, Dates and Colors
Create Form Dropdowns
Create Submit and Reset Buttons for a Form
Create Generic Buttons
Create Radio Buttons and Check Boxes
Style Forms with CSS
Use the CSS Box Model
Understand How to Create Borders, Background and Margins
Understand Static, Fixed, Relative and Absolute Positioning Models
Create Floating Elements
Understand Responsive Design
Apply Responsive Design for Mobile
Use a Responsive Design Framework
Write a Procedural Program in Python
Run Python Command Line Code
Obtain Command Line Input in Python
Output Strings with Print
Output Expressions with Print
Create Variables
Use Input Statements
Understand Programmatic Decision Making
Use Simple and Complex IT Statements
Create While Loops
Create For Loops
Create Break and Continue Statements
Understand the Role of Functions in Coding
Create Parameterized Functions
Create Functions that Return Values
Create List Structures
Create a Dictionary Data Structure
Understand File Input/Output
Write to a File
Read in From a File
Work with CSV (Comma Separated Value) Data
Work with Dates in Python
Work with Regular Expressions in Python
Complete Basic Networking in Python
Download and Parse XML

Java Script Specialist: JavaScript ES6 Certification Course

18 Lessons

Earn the JavaScript Specialist Certification while learning JavaScript Es6 …

What you'll learn
JavaScript syntax, style and usage with a focus on developing apps
Be Current with ES6 Syntax and Usage
Fundamental to Advanced JavaScript Concepts including Promises, Classes, and Arrow Functions
Integration of JavaScript with HTML5 Code for Web Applications

Introduction to Web Development

11 Lessons
All Levels

Are you interested in learning Web Development? Enroll today! …

What you'll learn
Understand the technologies used in web development
Identify the tools used by web developers
Apply HTML document structure
Write HTML allowing you to display a simple web page
Add images to a web page
Understand the role of CSS in web development
Understand the HTML/CSS color model
Apply colors to web page elements
Alter CSS text properties
Understand and apply the basics of the CSS box model
Know the role of JavaScript programming in web development
Integrate pre-written JavaScript code
Create a basic JavaScript program to collect data
Use JavaScript to adjust the appearance of page elements
Understand the next steps to learning professional web development skills

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