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Project Management with Microsoft Project

58 Lessons
All Levels

Are your projects expanding in size and scope faster than …

What you'll learn
Identify the key components and purpose of a project
Understand project resources and constraints
Create and manage a project using Microsoft Project
Create relationships between tasks and determine critical paths
Perform resource leveling using Microsoft Projec

Google Forms Fundamentals

15 Lessons
All Levels

Google Forms has become the go-to application for creating quick …

What you'll learn
After this course participants will be able to competently navigate the Google Docs interface.
After this course participants will also be able to import and format assets such as: photos, tables, and graphics.
After this course participants will also be able to set viewing permissions and share documents with collaborators.
After this course participants will also be able to create, edit and format documents.
After this course participants will also be able to convert Microsoft Word Documents to Google Workspace.

Time Management with Google Calendar

21 Lessons
All Levels

Navigate the maze of time with Necomitt Academy’s innovative course, …

What you'll learn
After this course participants will be able to identify core time management skills and concrete ways to improve their own.
After this course participants will also be able to use Google Calendar to keep track of their to-dos, events and reminders.
After this course participants will also be able to use Google Calendar to "block" their time.
Learn about the importance of keeping priorities and how to map them.
Learn the most important step in managing a large workload.
Learn how to break larger projects down into more do-able and more scheduleable chunks.
Learn how to create multiple calendars for different aspects of your life.
Learn how to set reminders for calendar events, and how to adjust notification preferences.
Learn how to use the Tasks function in Google Calendar to create to-do lists.
Learn a simple system for scheduling tasks into your calendar as time blocks.
Learn how to get a daily schedule emailed to you.
Learn how to make certain events private/busy/invisible to colleagues
Learn how to set working hours and appointment slots to better manage coworker requests for your time.

Writing Business Emails

6 Lessons
All Levels

It’s estimated that over 300 billion emails are sent each …

What you'll learn
Understand and apply the important components of an email
Review the different types of emails and how to optimize your email writing
Apply techniques for editing your emails to make them more actionable
Learn to use email as a means of establishing trust and rapport with others

Powerful Presentations with Google Slides

34 Lessons
All Levels

Imagine having slides so engaging that people ask you for …

What you'll learn
How to Navigate the Google Slides Interface
How to Add, Delete and Hide Slides
How to Apply a Slide Layout
How to Change the order of Slides
How to Apply Google Slides Themes
How to Alter Google Slides Backgrounds
Adding Type to your Slides
Adjusting Typographical Options within Slides
How to Create Social Media Cards with Google Slides
Adding Images to Your Presentations
How to Add Audio and Video Content to Your Presentation
Inserting Shapes Into Your Presentation
Adding Diagrams to Your Presentations
How to Create an Infographic with Google Slides
How to Work with Master Slides
Create, Adjusting Slide Layouts
Saving Themes as Templates in Google Slides
Adding Speaker Notes to Your Presentation
How to Give your Presentation and Share Your Slides with Others
Pro Tips for Impressive Slide Layouts
Pro Tips for Readable, Clear Typography
Pro Tips for Images and Media within Presentations.

Mastering Microsoft Word 365

31 Lessons
All Levels

No tool is more important than your word processor. And …

What you'll learn
How to create new or open existing document
How to Save As doc and where to save it, know how to Save to protect changes
Know how to print preview, select a printer, and adjust key printing settings
Create new text, highlight text, move your cursor to where you want to add it, deleting (including undo and redo), starting a new paragraph
Learn Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste special commands and shortcuts, and how to locate other "scraps" from the clipboard
Learn how to find specific keywords in a document and then how to replace them
Import text from a PDF
How to change font, quick tip on difference between serif and sans serif, and how to change size
How to preview presets and customize and save your own style setting
Learn how to 'cut and paste' desired formatting easily throughout the document
Learners understand how to space their document according to desired specifications
Organize text in a document and make it easier to read by spacing text using tabs
How to sort a list of words and a list of numbers
Start columns from scratch or format existing text into columns with fewer formatting side effects
Learner can create a bulleted list or a list with numbering and can adjust the style of the bullets and numbers, and can troubleshoot
Insert and manage headers, footers and page numbers
Learner can manually insert page and section breaks into document
How to adjust margins and orientation if their project calls for it
Insert an image from file or by copy/pasting
Mark up a document or draw/insert shapes to add a focus
How to accept spelling and grammar suggestions as you go

Microsoft Powerpoint 365 Fundamentals

20 Lessons
All Levels

After this course participants will be able to competently navigate …

Apple Mac OS – From Beginner to Expert

23 Lessons
All Levels

Mac OSX might be the most powerful operating system ever …

What you'll learn
The basics of running and using OSX
Using and Optimizing the Finder and Files
How to use the software that comes with your Mac like Facetime and the Apple calendar
How to take advantage of setting shortcuts to be more productive
How to maximize gestures to be more productive.