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The Entrepreneurship Sales Training, Techniques and Methods

37 Lessons
All Levels

Master the art of sales by learning unconventional proven tactics …

What you'll learn
Desire to Dominate Sales like a Boss
2.25 Hours & 39 lectures of exclusive content
Secrets to selling digital and physical products
Max your sales on Udemy, Skill share, Etsy,
Fiverr & eBay
Learn conventional and unconventional methods to get paid
Hands on instruction how to become a master in sales

Fundraising 10+ Fundraising Ideas For Raising Capital

28 Lessons

In this course, learners will have the opportunity to study …

What you'll learn
To utilize digital resources in examining the over 10 ways of raising small business capital, grant, and loan
To acquaint learners with general loan application requirements and procedures
The use of multiple electronic search engines and loan-listing platforms to hunt for loan-offer opportunities

Business Niche Course

37 Lessons
All Levels

This course is structured to lend basic knowledge of the …

What you'll learn
You will gain knowledge of the basic essential principles of business operation.
You will be able to circumvent the known major causes of business failures
Be able to manage the commingling of business operations and personnel and operating budget
Brainstorm and evaluate operations and, when necessary, make operational changes to salvage a limping business.