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Game Development with Unity

10 Lessons
All Levels

Do you want to develop games like the pros? Then …

What you'll learn
Understand the Unity Interface
Create Scenes
Create Unity Game Objects
Work with Menus and Views
Run Games Created in Unity
Manage Unity Assets
Import New Assets into Unity
Update Unity Assets
Convert Unity Assets into Game Objects
Understand Prefabs
Understand Basics of Scripting with C# for Unity
Use a Script as a Component
Understand Unity Variable Types and Attributes
Work with the Unity Console
Use the Input Manager
Work with Buttons in Your Interface
Use Scripting as an Input
Apply Physics to your Game
Work with Collision Layering
Work with On Trigger Enter, Stay and Leave
Work with On Collision Enter, Stay and Leave
Script Arrays in Unity
Work with Lists in Unity
Use C# Code to Iterate Through Objects
Understand Linq
GameObjectFind() and GameObject.FindObjectsOfType()
Work with Multiple Audio Sources
Script Your Audio Calls
Use Dynamic Lighting in Your Games
Work with Physical Materials
Work with Transparent Materials
Textures and Asset Settings
Work with Game Animation
Put Rigs into Your Games
Work with Mecanim for Animation
Create Game Transitions
Understand Build Settings for your Game
Work with Game Quality Settings
Understand Game Export Options

Make 3D and Virtual Reality Games with Unity

58 Lessons
All Levels

Game development for absolute beginners. No VR headset required! …

What you'll learn
How to place and transform different world geometries
How to add details, effects, and lighting to game design
How to create and apply textures, layers, and materials to design
How to navigate Unity

Learn to build forty 2D and 3D games in Unity

121 Lessons

Build your first simple games by learning fast game development. …

What you'll learn
Be able to make 2D and 3D video games.
Code in C#.
Design Games.
Build games from scratch.
Put the games you make in this course into your portfolio.

AR/VR Business Course

63 Lessons

Start Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Metaverse Business The second …

What you'll learn
Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR)
Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR)
Business ideas for apps in AR
Correct developer outsourcing to create AR apps
How to sell freelancing services in AR and VR