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How to Start Your Income Tax Preparation Business

27 Lessons
4.6 hours
All Levels

This is an intermediate-level income tax preparation course by which …

What you'll learn
We will discuss all you need to know about starting your income tax preparation business.
We will discuss how you may choose a name brand for your income tax preparation business.
We will discuss the electronic income tax filing process, including regulations and operational procedures that are essential to making your income tax preparation business successful.
We will acquaint you with trends in use of relevant technological instruments and developments in markets; and explain how knowledge of such fields would enhance your ability to grow your tax preparation business.
The course will introduce U.S. Income Tax filing models, procedures, tax laws, and regulatory mechanisms, including a list of penalties for noncompliance with these orders. We will provide practical examples at every step along the way, showing the learner visuals which explain how the system works, and the means by which common tax-filing practice issues may be resolved.
The course will discuss how you can for each client determine the right filing status, including when and how to add a dependent to a return.
The course will discuss how to add wages and other self-employed earned incomes to filing-form notably W-2 and 1099-Miscellaneous incomes.
The course will discuss itemized deductions reported on schedule A. We will talk about the primary itemized deductions and provide practical examples of each.
The course will touch upon various gained credits including child tax credit, earned income credit, education credits, and offer examples of each for ease of learning.
The course will show you how to launch your income tax preparation business on web, from A-Z. Equip you with knowledge to succeed in the industry and with the possibility of you becoming your own boss.