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About This Course

Discover the power of Asana, the leading project management tool, with our comprehensive course “Asana Mastery: From Fundamentals to Efficiency”. This course is designed for individuals, team leaders, project managers, and anyone interested in improving their productivity and mastering project management with Asana. Asana is a dynamic and versatile tool that, when used effectively, can transform the way you manage projects and collaborate with your team. This course takes you from the basics of Asana to utilizing its advanced features, ensuring you can use Asana to its full potential.

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Asana: Learn what Asana is, its purpose, and why it is a crucial tool for project management and team collaboration.
Navigating the Asana Interface: Familiarize yourself with Asana's user-friendly interface, learning how to navigate and customize it for your needs.
Creating and Managing Tasks: Master the art of creating tasks, subtasks, and sections, learning how to assign, schedule, and track these tasks effectively.
Using Projects and Boards: Understand how to create, manage, and track projects using Asana's versatile project boards.
Communication and Collaboration: Discover how Asana facilitates communication and collaboration among team members and learn how to utilize these features effectively.
Advanced Features: Delve into Asana's advanced features, such as project timelines, dependencies, automations, and reporting.
By the end of this course, you'll have mastered Asana's features and be able to use it effectively to manage projects, collaborate with your team, and boost your productivity.
Pre-Requisites: Basic computer skills. No prior knowledge of Asana is required.
Who Should Attend?: This course is perfect for individuals looking to boost their productivity, project managers, team leaders, and anyone interested in mastering project management with Asana.
Takeaway: On course completion, students will be able to use Asana proficiently for task management, project planning, team collaboration, and productivity enhancement.
Ready to become an Asana superuser and take your productivity to the next level? Enroll in 'Asana Mastery: From Fundamentals to Efficiency' today and let's harness the power of Asana together! Your journey to becoming an Asana master starts here.


30 Lessons

Fundamentals of Asana

Fundamentals of Asana00:00:51
Creating your First Project00:3:15
List View00:1:49
Board View00:1:15
Timeline View00:1:48
Calendar View00:1:24
Creating a Project with Asana00:1:43

Inviting Team Member and Social Interactivity

Creating and Assigning Task

Setting Start Dates and Due Dates

Setting up Rules, Milestones, & Forms

Utilizing App Integration

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